Sonia Wędrychowicz, Partner McKinsey & Company Kornblit Talks
Kornblit Talks
Are you ready to break the unbreakable?
They asked me how I could pack my husband and kids up almost overnight and go halfway across the world to a country I have never been to, towards the market and culture I hardly knew. Why? Because someone believed I had guts to lead two banks and skills to manage a whole new market. There was no room for a second thought about myself at that point - said Sonia Wedrychowicz, Partner at McKinsey & Company.

Sonia Wędrychowicz, Partner at McKinsey & Company talks to Kornblit Talks, embracing: womenpower in a male-dominated environment, changes in mindset that change your life for good, leadership based on honesty and support doing wonder and DEI efforts 100% in action.

Be sure to read this interview (full interview available in Polish version) and then ask yourself: Are you ready to break the unbreakable?