25-lecie Kornblit & Partners
25th anniversary of Kornblit & Partners!
Twenty-five years ago, the story of Kornblit & Partners began. Since 1999, steadfastly guided by Jan Kornblit’s leadership. Throughout a quarter-century, one thing has remained unchanged: our unwavering commitment to three core values - trust, partnership, and professionalism. These principles have been pivotal in our growth, enabling us to consistently shatter barriers and glass ceilings for our clients and candidates alike.

These years have been a testament to our dedication, as our company’s narrative intertwines deeply with economic shifts and the evolution of the modern job market. To what extent, you may ask? Sufficiently so that our endeavors have been immortalized… within the pages of a book! A rare accolade indeed for a recruitment firm, isn’t it?

Our journey has seen us tackling the intricate task of external recruitment. A formidable challenge, met with the invaluable expertise of an HR consultant. It turned out to be Janek Kornblit, who perfectly understood the strategic dimension of the recruitment goal. The future showed that the recruitment efficiency of his company, now known as KP, undoubtedly contributed to the success of the BPH Bank.

In his eloquent autobiography “May Way” Józef Wancer, a legendary figure in Polish banking, reminisced about his experiences collaborating on sourcing and recruitment of in sourcing managerial talent.

Since then, our endeavors have spanned the financial landscape, serving as partners to the majority of banks in Poland and their international stakeholders, as BNP Paribas, Millennium Bank, Deutsche Bank. We’ve also had the privilege of contributing to talent acquisition for nascent ventures of Alior Bank.

Today, our horizons encompass global enterprises as McDonald’s or Hutchinson and forward-thinking Polish enterprises as Kruk S.A. , sourcing talents both domestically and abroad.

Reflecting on our journey, we recall extraordinary projects and esteemed clients, each contributing to our story in their unique way. While it’s impossible to name them all, our gratitude remains unwavering.

To our partners, who recognize recruiting top talent as a cornerstone of business growth, we extend our heartfelt appreciation!

25 lat Kornblit & Partners

What is next?

Expect nothing less than continued fascination and dedication, always delivered with utmost excellence! As we witness the emergence of new business domains and the evolution of roles demanding a diverse skill set, rest assured, we stand ready to meet the challenge.

For the past 25 years, whenever the market call arises for experts equipped with unique competencies, count on Kornblit & Partners to answer!